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RED- the crisis is not recognising the 'today' that we have.

The days I wake up from a stupor are the days I write and articulate. Today's #foodforthought - What is the real crisis today and how does it shape up in the near future? Is it climate? Is it waste? Is it poverty or hunger or child abuse? Is it war and conflict? Is it political, social, economic or cultural? Or internal?? What how where when why?

Today's crisis is not being able to look at today. To me, if we cannot engage in our today, we have no tomorrow. Without disputing the fact that there is an immense global concern over innumerable parameters, I'd like to mention that we humans are losing track of taking ownership of our today and for one more fellow human being.

Today, unless we pledge to be #accountable, provide one support or kindness to one more human and be the reason for one person to smile, we are losing the complete equation of humanity. The moment is now to promise ourselves to ignite that energy within ourselves that is

#powerful and #righteous to ride over all the above-mentioned clauses, political, religious, economic, internal and social. We owe it to ourselves and our future.

All we have to do is be in the moment. The question is, are we?

At we seek to create a community where we feel #safe, #loved and #heard. We seek to create a space where #littlebabies and #parents can interact as real people, discuss real issues and be proud of their #ecosystem.

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