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Celebrate Your Chhota Baccha With Our Handmade Garments

We have your Baccha covered. From everyday essentials to celebratory wear. The online shopping experience with Chhota Baccha is easy. Our handmade products are lovingly designed and made by our supermoms. Each product is minimally displayed, easy to identify and simple to browse through with technical specifications mentioned under each product.


Traditional signature

It is a tradition in India to ward away the “buri nazar” by applying a “kaala tika” on a new born baccha’s face. Following this tradition, every Chhota Baccha garment has a small “Nazar Battu” lovingly embroidered by mothers.

Our little dot of love on each product ensures a subtle hint of Indian tradition while being contemporary and minimal.

Handmade With Love

CHHOTA BACCHA is a conscious and traditional brand, where our products are made with love & care by mothers. A lot of “Mamta” goes into our research, design and production. Our highly skilled workers make clothes that you will cherish for years for to come.

We support ‘Goonj’ campaign and invite you to be a part of a bigger cause by returning your Chhota Baccha garments once your baby has out grown them, so that another special Baccha may benefit.


Natural Dyes Only

At Chhota Baccha we provide your baccha with traditional clothes and products that sustainably use nutrients from mother earth. The colored fabrics and prints we use are dipped into natural herbal dyes, skipping the chemicals and relying instead on tried practices that benefit our environment and community. We constantly strive to minimize carbon footprint.

Benefits of Natural Herbal Dyes:

  • Eco friendly & Non toxic

  • Insect repellent

  • UV protected & Pollution Free

  • Anti allergic

  • Medicinal benefits

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