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The new parent today is under tremendous pressure to perform. It's true that 'it takes a village to raise a child', and yet there is no village and barely any support for nuclear families.

We believe in the quality of conversations to recharge our system. At MONDAYMAMA we seek to converge with like-minded parents, talk, emote, release pent-up energy and really believe that we are together in this.

MONDAYMAMA is due for its first meet-up in December and is open to enthusiastic dads too. Bangalore-centric for now.

Meaningful new parent meet-up - MONDAYMAMA


Small Business Owners Catch up - Garner and Grow

CHHOTABACCHA believes in an ecosystem and a community of similar synergy work ethos and think-tank, across the parameters of life. Our Garner & Grow is a sweet organic way to bring together an impromptu group of entrepreneurs to chat, gain and make new meaningful connections. We meet once a couple of months over chai, and usually, it is a warm friendly productive meet. Small business owners are welcome.

This is open to Bangalore entrepreneurs at the moment.

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  • I received the parcel! OMG! Everything is just too too adorable.

Mruga Kirloskar, Pune

  • Hi Team CHHOTABACCHA. Loved the soft feel of Jhabla and the soothing colour. The ties at the back is such a smart idea. 

Shweta, Bangalore

  • Kian just loves the pillow. If we remove the pillow, he starts crying.

Rithika, Bangalore

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