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CHHOTA BACCHA is an infant brand made from Natural goods. Check it out at

Do you think Natural fabrics are a pain & and tricky to take care of?

Do you feel these fabric goods #crumple and #crease easily?

Do you end up losing your sleep over #Ironing?

Above are the common #questions we ask ourselves.

To put it simply, remember the following:

  • When in doubt, #handwash separately.

  • Wash in #gentle pH balanced #detergents.

  • Wash in #lukewarm water.

  • Try not to use a #dryer.

  • Avoid overtly wringing.

  • Shake off excess water.

  • Dry in a cool place.

  • Iron on low heat.

Let us be realistic about the number of times any garment needs to be #washed. With little #toddlers and #infants, the frequency of washing and wear is quicker, however with slightly older children, reduce the washing to the extent you can. There is no need to waste #water or #time or #detergent. If the baby has worn an item of clothing for a short while, take the cleanliness at face value.

It is simple math :)

Coming up with more basic stuff....Anjali

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1 commentaire

Donal Joseph
Donal Joseph
11 juil. 2023

Great tips, Anjali!

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