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People who say ‘slept like a baby’ usually don’t have one!

Ha ha. We all know putting babies to bed is a ritual. Get the baby into fresh nightwear, a fresh nappy, comb her hair with love, a few powder puffs for that completely soft gooey baby smell. Voila! That’s the amazingly easy part. And then comes the rocking, the cooing, the Kahaanis, the car rides, the patting, the lori, and the-what-nots.

Whatever said and done, there is nothing more adorable than a sleeping baby- that is, after you have accomplished it and you have been able to get the pressure of your hand off her! See? I know it all. Even though my children were born a couple of decades ago, the night time ceremony remains the same…sleepless nights and how to get them to let you sleep(!).

Some of the factors that help a baby to find comfort in a strange bed after her mumma’s womb are – familiar smells, being tightly wrapped in a swaddle, and most of the times a rocking motion (let us leave this for the Papa) J.

The THAPKI pillow from our SO JAA BACCHA range is this cute and amazing little piece, shaped like a hand and filled with just the right weight of Mustard seeds. Because of the roundness of the seeds, the pillow takes the shape of the baby and literally feels like a hand on the body. Now this fellow, our-partner-in-crime tricks the baby into believing her mama’s still got her back! (okay okay I know we are meanies but nothing to beat an extra wink of sleep).

What I suggest is, keep this THAPKI pillow on you…maybe even while you sleep, or spray a tiny bit of your cologne on it for starters. This enables your smell to transfer on the pillow. This also enables the smell to linger around and your baby would possibly think you are around! Because? Your hand pressure is on her little bum! And your smell is in the air!

Just do it! Until you decide to reveal your secret much later in life to your children and have a laugh!

-Anjali Sharma- Founder

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