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An outside eye into the inside world of #chhotabaccha

Lipika Gupta, Apprentice, CHHOTABACCHA / State Football team, Karnataka.

I rambled three seemingly long flights of stairs in a building lost in the buzz of Commercial Street, Bengaluru. At last, reaching my destination, I walked through the walls of the #chhotabaccha #workshop. Where all the magic happens. It almost felt like walking into a busy but delightful cafe in the streets of Europe with delicious aromatic scents filling the air. No, I'm not exaggerating. Being lost for a few seconds, I swiftly glanced around when my eyes caught sight of Anjali aunty, the heart of #chhotabaccha, engaged in her work. I strolled around the four-roomed workshop. Busy #craftsmen, so engrossed in their #art, didn't seem to bother to notice me. Their work spoke of their #dedication and #commitment. On the opposite side, sat three beautiful women- the real hands behind this venture. They were different, they acknowledged me when I came in and greeted me with a welcoming smile. I watched in awe as the ladies gracefully sewed, cut, folded, and measured tiny pieces of fabric. Striped, dotted, floral, checkered, and all other patterned and coloured textiles sat around bringing a sense of playfulness and innocence to the little room, just like a toddler's playschool. They weren't lying when they said they were sustainable. Every scrap of fabric was being utilized with well-planned technical designs, which I saw pinned on the boards. C#chhotabaccha is a state of mind, it is #relaxing and it very much is #contemporary. I saw it for myself. Only if I were old enough to have #children to buy these for, or young enough to wear them myself. Who knew the busy streets of Shivaji Nagar could hold such a calm presence if only you'd be willing to walk three, not so long, flights of stairs.

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