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Social Circus

Our staff supervisor was running late to work last week. On checking with him, it came out that he got delayed because he had to download his son's #homework, which was sent by the school over #whatsapp. His son is 7! The dad has a smartphone and so it's his jurisdiction to download this child's homework which is important with #driventimelines. To me, this whole situation is a circus. Haven't we all become slaves to digital communication? Our school groups are on #whatsapp, our well-being is online, our children get their hands on a digital gadget by the time they can hold it upright, and even the payments now are paperless. After all, it is the new 'social'. I feel our 'real' is way too clouded by the 'reel'. Super proud to present #MondayMama - a sweet #communitybuilding exercise from CHHOTA BACCHA where we seek to #startsmall. The plan is to invite small groups of mothers and their children, toddlers, and babies, in children-safe spaces and let the conversation flow over a #picnicbasket and #garamchai. I visualize a park, little shrieks, laughter, sandwiches, grubby mouths, some backside walloping and a lot of emotion downloading! On my next journey to add a small purpose via my work. #ontheground #mama #community #letsgetreal #thestruggleisreal #startsmall #communication #children #talk #conversations #picnics #friendship #newparents #socialimpact #socialwellbeing

Anjali, Founder

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